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The JGS Advisor » Industry Specialty: Legal

Over the past 80 years, JGS has developed its practice within the legal community through many formidable and time-tested relationships forged as the lawyer’s most trusted advisor and consultant. The professional’s professional.

We work closely with attorneys, law firms, state and local courts, and arbitrators, offering qualified and objective business, financial and tax expertise to meet the specialized needs of our clients’ cases. When business and financial issues arise, our legal clients count on our assistance throughout the process, whether it be to address a dispute and litigation matter, forensic accounting, contract development, business valuation or estate and trust planning.

At JGS, we have extensive experience in the areas of:
• Accounting and Tax Services
• Structuring Practice Mergers and Acquisitions
• Business Valuations – Accredited in Business Valuations
• Allocation of Profits/Compensation Formulas
• Discretionary Expenses/Corporate “Perks”
• Deferred Compensation Plans
• Qualified Retirement Plans
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Case Appraisals
• Employment Contracts
• Revenue Enhancement/Expense Control Strategies
• Litigation Support
• Forensic Accounting – Certified Financial Forensics & Fraud Examiners
• Estate and Trust Tax Preparation and Planning

At JGS, we recognize and appreciate that the legal community faces escalating
levels of complexity and fast-paced change on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to both
advise and assist our clients in the formulation of an appropriate and effective
response employing our seasoned and diversified expertise. This in turn allows our
clients to dedicate their undivided attention to their own strengths and expertise as attorneys for the maximum benefit of their own clients and practice.

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